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Mastering Recovery: 5 Strategies for Sobriety & Success *

The Potato Chip: Can They Ever Drink Again?*


The Opposite of Addiction is Connection*

Recovery is a Journey*

The Other Crisis*

Learned Helplessness and Siloing*


Develop a Plan*

Next Steps*

How to Use The Intervention Course*

The Cell Phone Analogy*

Facility Placement*

Recovery Fear*

Lessons from the Pilot Program*

Intervention Looks Like*

Intervention is Fair*

When is an Intervention Necessary?*

Coaching Intervention*

Addiction Myths*

Stages of Change*

Introduction to Addiction Intervention*

Intervention Timeline*

Information About THC Substances for Parents*

Kratom and Tranq: Two New Dangerous Substances*

Common Rehab Tall Tales*

I Went to an Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting and it Didn’t Work.*

Understand Addiction Before the Intervention*

A Conversation with Rachael*

The Other Crisis*

Where Are My Amends?*

How to ​​Prepare for a Zoom Intervention*

A Day in Recovery: My Rose Garden Relapse*

Adam Banks interview on “A New Way” with Aynisa Leonardo*

Drug and Alcohol Interventions: Do They Work?*

Does 12-Step Work? Why I Still Go to AA Meetings*

Hitting Rock Bottom After 8 Years of Sobriety*

Emotional Detachment Supports Healthy Recovery*

Nearsighted: Why People With Addiction Can’t See Past Their Own Needs*

What should I pack? Getting Ready For Inpatient Rehab*

G-ing Out: GHB is still one of the most dangerous drugs*

The Origin of Adam Banks Recovery*

Crystal Meth Interventions in the Gay Community*

How Does Drinking Affect Your Life?*

Final Bottom Lines: Two Options*

LGBTQ+ interventions and recovery meetings*

The Week Before Treatment: Life After The Intervention*

Enchanted: Drawn to a Substance*

The Family Recovery Agreement*

The Hard Road to a Happy Life*

Adam Banks: My Story*

Reaching Out: The First Call for Help*

How to Survive the Road to Recovery*

Celebrating the Milestones of Recovery*

Comprehensive Care: Why 6 Months of Treatment?*

Work? What is the Success Rate?*

Understanding Addiction Using Food Cravings*

The Butterfly Effect – In Recovery Small Changes Can Make A Huge Difference*

Life On The Road: The Story Of A Pilot*

Generational Effects of Alcohol and Drug Use*

Worth it: taking 30 days off of work to go to a treatment center*

Don’t Make Excuses to Avoid Treatment*

Tell It Like It Really Is*

The Addict, Family System and Roles We Play*

Alcoholics Anonymous: Building the foundation of AA (with a dog named True)*

Identifying Triggers While Getting Sober*

8 Essential Elements of Long Term Recovery*

Getting Stabilized in Early Recovery from Addiction*

Reality vs Expectation in Addiction Recovery – Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda*

Addiction is a Response to Trauma: My Halloween Story*

Returning Home from Treatment – Considerations for the Family*

Going to Recovery Meetings Isn’t Optional*

Family Intervention: Changing the Manager*

New Boundaries After Battling Addiction*

Imagining Addiction: Your Cell Phone*

Talking to an Addicted Person about Recovery*

What Does an Intervention Look Like?*

When an Addict Says, “I’ll think about it”*

The Functional Alcoholic*

Early Intervention: Understanding Meth*

Choosing Recovery and Making That One Difficult Decision*

ROI on Addiction Recovery*

How I loved and Lost an Alcoholic*

Stay-at-Home Mom Kelly*

Being Sober – You Can’t Just Think About It*

The Myth of Hitting Rock Bottom*

Battling Addiction and Mental Health Issues*
How Long Does It Take to Change a Habit?

My Story on Addiction*

Case Study: Ivy League Cocktail (May)*

Case Study: The Underemployed (Beth)*

Case Study: The Pilot (Claire)*

Case Study: The Finance Guy (Francis)*

With Addiction, Short Term Success Doesn’t Guarantee Long Term Recovery*

After the Intervention, the Expected Will Happen*

Plan B: Interventions that Don’t End in Treatment*

The Deep Valley Between Use and Recovery*

Preparing for Facility Placement*

How A Dog Named True Became My Higher Power*

Choosing A Treatment Center: 10 Questions to Ask*

What to Expect When Your Family Member Checks Into Treatment*

Three Days Before Treatment*

Considering Treatment: Common Last Minute Questions*

Treatment Trauma: The Intervention Gone Wrong*

Interventions and Rehab Placement Services: What’s the Difference?*

The Intervention is Just the Beginning*

Trauma from The Closet: The Formative Years*

The Early Treatment Discomfort: It Will Change*

The First Meeting is the Most Important*

Don’t Say These Things During an Intervention*

Coaching for Airline Pilots*

Words of Recovery: Stop the Fight*

Intervention: Creating a Plan with the Family*

An Interventionist: Five Reasons to Use One*

Close to Relapse: As Prescribed by a Doctor*

Personalized Recovery Solutions for People with Substance Use Disorders*

12-Steps: From Imperfection to Perfection*

Aftercare: Reintegrating the Family*

All I Want Is For Them to Stop Drinking*

Close To Relapse Several Times*

Rehab and Home Detox*

After Treatment: Walking Back Into Real Life*

Inpatient Treatment: Common Concerns*

The Sinclair Method For Safer Alcohol Consumption*

How Pre-flight Planning and Intervention Are Related*

MBA Lessons in Recovery: Using the 12 Steps to Build Social Capital*

Long Island Interventions and Recovery*

My Journey Quitting Juul: Relapse, Recovery, and Maintenance (Part 3)*

My Journey Quitting Juul: Action to Relapse (Part 2)*

My Journey Quitting JuuL: Contemplative Stage (Part 1)*

LGBT Recovery Resources*

6 Common Misconceptions About Alcoholics Anonymous*

Let’s talk about Ritalin and Adderall*

Why Can’t They Just Stop Drinking?*

How To Find Free Therapy No Matter Where You Are*

My Views About Recovery Changed After 10 Years of Sobriety*

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