Coaching Intervention

Coaching Intervention

Sometimes the best intervention is one in which we work one-on-one with the person of concern. A traditional placement in rehab is not right for everyone. There are many options for recovery, and exploring these with the person of concern allows them to be in charge of their recovery.

Recovery coaching is helpful as:
  • An alternative to inpatient residential treatment.
  • A way to get back on track after relapse.
  • A structured after care plan after residential treatment.
  • An additional way to strengthen mutual-aid self-help groups.
Recovery coaching focuses on these principles:
  • Future-Focused: Navigate the present, and set goals for the future.
  • Professional Guidance: Follow proven plans with our 30- and 90-day programs.
  • Accountability: Reinforce accountability through meetings, phone calls, and homework.
  • Build on 12 Steps: Strengthen other programs with which you may be involved.
  • Real-Life: Learn how to stay sober in the actual environments where you live and work.

Most people respond very well to coaching interventions and many people can avoid in-patient treatment with daily accountability and connecting to the proper resources. You have the power to live a better life, let us guide you there. Together we will develop a plan that greatly increases your chances of succeeding.


About Adam Banks

Adam Banks is a certified interventionist and the owner of Adam Banks Recovery. After receiving an MBA from the University of Chicago, Adam built a company acquired by United Health Care. His discipline and attention to detail comes from his former career as an airline pilot, holding an ATP, the FAA’s highest license.

Today, Adam is dedicated to helping others achieve long-term sobriety. His work has guided executives, pilots, and physicians on paths to recovery. Adam brings families together through a loving and inclusive approach. Adam has authored four books on addiction. His recent work, Navigating Recovery Ground School: 12 Lessons to Help Families Navigate Recovery, educates families on the entire intervention process. He also offers a free video course for families considering an intervention for a loved one.

Adam is available for alcohol and drug intervention services in New York, Long Island, the Hamptons as well as nationally and internationally.

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