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Family Recovery Specialist in NY

Family Recovery in New York City, NY

Family recovery is a form of therapy that supports families concerned with loved ones who struggle with addiction. In family recovery, the family and the addicted person heal together. An addiction intervention specialist will give each member an active role in their loved one’s recovery plan. While the addicted person progresses through treatment, we provide the family team with updates, and strategies for maintaining success.

Family Recovery

Adam Banks Recovery: Family Supportive Services

When people suffer from the disease of addiction, their family suffers grief, injury, and loss too. At Adam Banks Recovery, family support services are available to help support the entire family in recovery planning and maintenance.

Family support addiction services at Adam Banks Recovery provides tools to help family members understand and heal from the hurt caused by addiction.

Fortunately, there is hope and help for people dealing with addiction, and recovery is possible. Families often place so much focus on the addicted person, they neglect the other crisis, the damage they are dealing with themselves.

Family-Supported Recovery Plans

At Adam Banks Recovery, we appreciate and understand the important role families play in the intervention for addiction. From healing broken relationships to teaching families how to best support their loved ones, recovery is successful with the support of family.

Adam Banks Recovery includes families in the planning and use of addiction treatment and recovery plans. From accountability, to support, and more, our families are our greatest champions and one of our most valuable resources on the road to recovery.

Family Support and Recovery

If you or someone you care about, a sibling, parent, grandparent or child is struggling with addiction and needs help, Adam Banks Recovery is here for you and your family.

When one member of the family suffers from addiction, the entire family suffers. Contact us to learn how we can help.

Healing, hope, and recovery are closer than you think.


Families That Heal Together, Stay Together

Family Recovery services help those at their wit’s end make sense of the chaos and damage caused by addiction. It is an opportunity for the family to come together, often for the first time. I have found countless times that the root of addiction often travels back to family issues that can be resolved.

Adam Banks Recovery helps families heal that trauma, which in turn removes addition. We provide family members a safe, supportive environment. It is a privileged space to ask questions, and work towards a recovery together.

Bringing the Family Back 

Family Recovery services rebuild the trust and confidence that may have been lost during active addiction. The healing process takes time, but the results are worth it. Help your family get back to the way things were before. This is what your loved one truly longs for.

Family Recovery removes toxic relationships and improves communication. It reduces the stigma and shame that family members tend to carry after dealing with an addiction.