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Intervention Specialist in NY

An Individual Treatment Plan for Substance Abuse

Case management at Adam Banks Recovery provides individual support. The service builds on accountability and  commitment that extends beyond a residential treatment program. Help with addiction treatment is available at Adam Banks Recovery. Substance and alcohol abuse disorders will not stop until we take the first step, and then another, until we are on the road to recovery.

If you need help, have questions, or know someone suffering from addiction, contact us at Adam Banks Recovery. 

A happier, healthier, and better life awaits.

Recovery Management

Adam Banks Recovery Case Management

People struggling with substance use need addiction treatment that is designed for their specific needs. Addiction changes the brain and makes it difficult for a person of concern to reason or make even basic life decisions. 

For families, it can feel impossible to manage recovery in the midst of addiction’s chaos. Case management removes the constant stress that prevents a change from occurring. It allows the family and their loved one to focus on healing. 

Case Management Services

It can be difficult to keep track of dates, make appointments, payments, and other daily details of life when battling addiction. Case management services, like those offered at Adam Banks Recovery, simplify the process. 

We help manage dates, resource providers, and even medication needs. These services allow individuals to focus more time on recovery, which is the goal of case management.

Drug Addiction Help

Addiction is a progressive disease, which by definition means that it will continue to get worse without treatment. Fortunately, for those dealing with substance abuse and seeking recovery, it is never too late.

Case management services help with every aspect of the treatment plan for substance abuse including their families.  From intervention to counseling and treatment plans and case management, Adam Banks Recovery has the help, the resources, and the experience to successfully manage your recovery. 

Case Management with a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor

Case Managers help clients set and maintain their path to recovery. A Case Manager serves as a client’s advocate through the entire process of recovery. At Adam Banks Recovery case management service provides a single point of contact for the entire family. 

It removes the constant tension between family members attempting to coordinate a loved one’s care. We act as a liaison between treatment centers, clinical professionals while managing the details like transportation and insurance verification. 

What Addiction Services Can Case Managers Provide?

Experience in addiction and recovery has shown that cases are much more likely to be successful when a manager is utilized. Their primary objective is to care for your loved one by coordinating services, including but not limited to the following. 

  • Getting updated from addiction treatment centers.
  • Resourcing sober living options.
  • Assistance booking therapists.
  • Chaperoning travel to a treatment facility. 
  • Picking up medications from pharmacies.
  • Monitoring and adjusting a recovery plan. 
  • Enforcing boundaries placed before the intervention. 


Case Management prevents obstacles in the way of recovery and results in better care. This is critical during the first few months of addiction recovery.

No two interventions are the same. Each person has his or her own unique story, history, nuances, and personality. Only by acknowledging the client first as a unique individual can we manage their case effectively. At Adam Banks Recovery, case management can be catered to several different backgrounds including the LGBTQ+ community. 

You Need a Case Manager in Your Corner

As the single point of contact, case managers provide specialized care by meeting the person of concern “where they are at.” They then facilitate care between the family and other service providers, acting as the client’s advocate.  

Adam Banks Recovery is centered on individual client needs, with your loved one’s best interests being taken into account for every decision. Our case managers help with the daily tasks necessary to maintain recovery and heal the family.

For institutionalized clients, case managers may assist in preparing loved ones for addiction treatment post-discharge to ensure the recovery plan is not interrupted. Case managers smooth all transitions between service providers so that no obstacle prevents a family and their loved one from healing properly.