How to Use The Intervention Course

How to Use The Intervention Course

Considering doing an intervention on a loved one is fraught with emotion.  The desire or need to do an intervention always comes after (or during) a crisis.  If you are considering an intervention, think no further – your loved one needs help – and it has become your calling to step in and offer a lifeline.  The truth is that your loved one is probably desperate for help.

For you to be helpful, you have to learn a lot and learn it fast.  We have created resources to help educate you and lay out a path for you.  This course is broken down into 19 short videos and text to accompany each lesson.  By going through these videos, you will be preparing yourself to plan for a treatment center placement, addressing your loved one with compassion, and supporting long term change.

This video course is accompanied by the book, Navigating Recovery Ground School: 12 Lessons to Help Families Navigate Recovery‘ available on Amazon.

Addiction causes chaos, to navigate out of the chaos there needs to be a plan.   Families that take time to educate themselves on addiction, and follow a path, always have success at changing the current situation for the better.

Course Index

Follow these links to all course modules:

Introduction to Addiction Intervention

  1. Hope
  2. Opposite of Addiction is Connection
  3. Recovery is a Journey
  4. The Other Crisis
  5. Learned Helplessness and Siloing
  6. Goals
  7. What an Intervention Looks Like
  8. Intervention is Fair
  9. When is an Intervention Necessary?
  10. Stages of Change
  11. Addiction Myths
  12. Develop a Plan
  13. Fear of Success, Fear of Failure
  14. Coaching Intervention
  15. Facility Placement
  16. Lessons from the Pilot Program
  17. Cellphone Analogy
  18. Next Steps


About Adam Banks

Adam Banks is a certified interventionist and the owner of Adam Banks Recovery. After receiving an MBA from the University of Chicago, Adam built a company acquired by United Health Care. His discipline and attention to detail comes from his former career as an airline pilot, holding an ATP, the FAA’s highest license.

Today, Adam is dedicated to helping others achieve long-term sobriety. His work has guided executives, pilots, and physicians on paths to recovery. Adam brings families together through a loving and inclusive approach. Adam has authored four books on addiction. His recent work, Navigating Recovery Ground School: 12 Lessons to Help Families Navigate Recovery, educates families on the entire intervention process. He also offers a free video course for families considering an intervention for a loved one.

Adam is available for alcohol and drug intervention services in New York, Long Island, the Hamptons as well as nationally and internationally.

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