Recovery is a Journey

Recovery is a Journey

This is a stressful time for both the person seeking recovery and the family. Adam Banks Recovery is there to help along the entire process. We understand that success hinges on the implementation of a well thought out plan. While our loved one is in recovery the family will continue to work, digging deep at the root causes of addiction. After a successful intervention, a multidimensional plan will set everyone towards long term recovery.

  • The journey may seem difficult, but Adam will act as an experienced guide. 
  • Recovery starts with initial treatment, but hinges on a well thought out plan.
  • While our loved one recovers, the family continues to work on understanding addiction and setting boundaries.
  • After a successful intervention, a multidimensional action plan for long term recovery begins. 

Welcome to the start of a recovery journey. Considering going to treatment or sending a loved one to treatment is a very stressful time. There’s a lot to learn in just a few days. 

We understand that a month-long rehab is just the beginning of a life in recovery. By the time treatment is over, the family must have a plan in place to support long-term recovery. We’ve worked through different options with families, and there are many ways that this plan can look. 

First and foremost it has to be something that the person in recovery will adhere to. The plan will include where the person will live, what programs they will attend, and any financial support they may need. The work is not over after successfully placing a recovering person in a treatment facility. To a certain extent, the hard work is still to come.

While your loved one is in treatment, we can work together to look at the dynamics at home that may have encouraged or enabled addiction. Often, family members have inadvertently become caught up in the cycle of addiction. The process begins slowly, without anyone realizing what is happening, and becomes a cyclone that sweeps up other people, careers, and finances. While the patient is in treatment, the team at Adam Banks Recovery works with the family to set boundaries.

After a successful intervention ends, the family can breathe a sigh of relief. But, there are many more steps to come to help the family cope, change, and shift their dynamics. For a family that has been dealing with a loved one’s addiction for many years, the success of an intervention can be jarring. It is especially crucial that a multidimensional, thorough aftercare plan is in place.


About Adam Banks

Adam Banks is a certified interventionist and the owner of Adam Banks Recovery. After receiving an MBA from the University of Chicago, Adam built a company acquired by United Health Care. His discipline and attention to detail comes from his former career as an airline pilot, holding an ATP, the FAA’s highest license.

Today, Adam is dedicated to helping others achieve long-term sobriety. His work has guided executives, pilots, and physicians on paths to recovery. Adam brings families together through a loving and inclusive approach. Adam has authored four books on addiction. His recent work, Navigating Recovery Ground School: 12 Lessons to Help Families Navigate Recovery, educates families on the entire intervention process. He also offers a free video course for families considering an intervention for a loved one.

Adam is available for alcohol and drug intervention services in New York, Long Island, the Hamptons as well as nationally and internationally.

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