The Opposite of Addiction is Connection

The opposite of addiction is connection. Regardless of outward behaviors, an addict’s deepest craving is to be part of their families. The exhaustion and negative feelings created by substance causes them to appear apathetic towards the damage addiction leaves behind. The only way to combat the negative consequences of addiction is to meet it with love and positive support. When a family shows up for an AP, they are often inspired to get on the path to recovery.

  • Alcoholics and addicts crave the approval of their families. 
  • Apathetic or angry behavior is the result of carrying an addiction. 
  • The only way to overcome an individual’s negative mindset is for a family to meet it head on with love and positive support. 
  • When family’s show up, the addicted person knows they have the strength to recover. 

Bring Back the Family

Alcoholics and addicts crave the approval of their families. Outwardly, they act as if they don’t need anyone. This is a deception. They are attempting to hide shame and protect their addiction. If we consider guilt and the weight of their burden, we cannot expect them to react positively to judgment. Interventions are possible when everyone stays in the present and focuses on the solution. We cannot hold the past over an addicted person’s head. This is a new beginning.

An intervention is an invitation for the AP to rejoin the family. By giving alcoholics love, appreciation, and respect, we can show how deeply we believe in their recovery. When friends and family show up, both physically and emotionally, it is hard for an addicted person to let everyone down. 

Most interventions end with the addicted person feeling relief when they witness the family’s support. An outpouring of love will turn a new page. This is often the first time people realize that the opposite of addiction is connection. Sincerity will ignite a profound emotional shift, signaling an opportunity to find a solution. Interventions save lives. Survival depends on a family working together.


About Adam Banks

Adam Banks is a certified interventionist and the owner of Adam Banks Recovery. After receiving an MBA from the University of Chicago, Adam built a company acquired by United Health Care. His discipline and attention to detail comes from his former career as an airline pilot, holding an ATP, the FAA’s highest license.

Today, Adam is dedicated to helping others achieve long-term sobriety. His work has guided executives, pilots, and physicians on paths to recovery. Adam brings families together through a loving and inclusive approach. Adam has authored four books on addiction. His recent work, Navigating Recovery Ground School: 12 Lessons to Help Families Navigate Recovery, educates families on the entire intervention process. He also offers a free video course for families considering an intervention for a loved one.

Adam is available for alcohol and drug intervention services in New York, Long Island, the Hamptons as well as nationally and internationally.

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