Information About THC Substances for Parents

The use and effects of Marijuana have changed many times, often drastically between generations. This post provides visual information and a term dictionary to provide information about THC Substances for parents. It is highly probable that at some point a family member will encounter, or even considering using one of these substances.

Smoking a joint still conjures images of Woodstock and hippie summers in our mind. However, consumption of marijuana has changed. Smoking weed is no longer the most popular method. 

This does not weigh in on the discussion of legalization or risks of consumption. Instead, it provides information in THC substances for parents. 


Marijuana and its THC has Gotten Stronger

graph showing THC levels are increasing


The Weed of the Hippie days 

Marijuana in the 1960s contained low levels of THC, averaging below 10 percent potency.

weed in the hippie generation had low THC


In Stores Today

THC potency is almost three times stronger than previous generations. The weed your grandparents smoked is nothing compared to what is (in most states) legal today.

todays weed is three times as strong


Extracting THC Makes It Stronger

When THC is concentrated, the high is much faster and intense.

extracted weed is

Different Types of THC Concentrate

Listed are different types of THC concentrate. These products are easily consumed.

different types of THC concentrate


New Weed, New Tech

Commercial companies now manufacture THC products for mass consumption.

commercial lab making THC products


DIY Concentrate

Some users create THC concentrates with a few materials from the local building supply.

DIY concentrate


Buying Kits

Some companies sell kits for users to make their concentrate at home.

THC kit
But how do you use it?

Smoking THC concentrate requires heating up the nail, or bowl section of a rig. When it glows red and hot, the concentrate is applied. The user inhales the product as it vaporizes.

blow torch heating a nail to smoke THC


Torch Not Included

Ever wonder why every convenience store sells these? Smoking THC concentrate requires the use of a blow torch, which is obviously unsafe. 

blow torch sold at gas station



Low Profile Substance Use

Marijuana users of the previous decade can recall difficulty hiding pungent smells. Today, some products are almost undetectable, and even low key in size and operation. 

THC pens


Do You Really Know What Your Buying?

K2 is a synthetic form of THC. It produces an intense high that is even stronger than THC.



Frequency Matters: We can measure alcohol

We can measure alcohol more easily than the various THC products. This makes it easier to dial in our frequency of use.

alcohol beer versus whiskey versus wine


Increase in ER Visits

States that have legalized cannabis are seeing increased in ER visits.

ER visits


Effects of THC

The effects of today’s THC on the brain is substantial and should be recognized.

effects of THC on the brain


Dictionary of Slang used to describe THC Substances
  • 710: This number spells OIL when held upside down and refers to marijuana concentrates that may appear as an oil.
  • Alcohol extraction: A method of extracting THC using alcohol.
  • Banger hanger: A popular type of device used for dabbing.
  • Butter, budder, badder: Marijuana concentrates can look like butter and have the same consistency as butter, leading to butter and similar words being used to describe it.
  • Blasting: Slang term for extracting marijuana concentrates using butane, likely originating from the risk of explosion associated with this method. 
  • Butane extraction: A method of concentrating THC using butane.
  • Butane hash oil: Also called BHO, butane hash oil is a name for concentrated marijuana.
  • Butane torch: Used to vaporize dab so that it can be inhaled.
  • Carb cap: Part of dabbing devices used to contain the vaporized marijuana concentrates within the device.
  • Crumble: A slang term for concentrated marijuana, derived from the crumbly appearance of certain types of concentrates.
  • CO2 extraction: A method of concentrating THC using carbon dioxide.
  • Concentrate: Concentrated marijuana.
  • Concentrate pipe: A pipe used to inhale marijuana concentrates.
  • Dabber: A slang name that refers to devices used to dab.
  • Dab nail: The part of most dabbing devices that the marijuana concentrates are applied to. Also just called a nail.
  • Dab oil: Also called dab or dabs; a slang term for concentrated marijuana, derived from the small amount of substance used while using marijuana concentrates.
  • Dab pen: An e-cigarette used to dab. Also called a wax pen.
  • Dab rig: The most common name for the glassware used to dab.
  • Dome: A section of the glassware used while dabbing.
  • Ear wax: A slang term for concentrated marijuana, derived from the appearance of certain types of concentrates.
  • Errl: A slang term for marijuana concentrates.
  • Glass: Slang term for the glassware used to dab.
  • Glycerin extraction: A method of concentrating THC using glycerin.
  • Hash: Also called hashish; resin of the marijuana plant, used to create marijuana concentrates.
  • Hash oil: Hash that has been purified and concentrated into an oil.
  • Honey: Also called honeycomb or honey oil; a slang term for concentrated marijuana, likely originated because certain types of marijuana concentrates appear like honey.
  • Ice hash: A type of marijuana concentrate made by using ice water.
  • Ice wax: Also called water hash; a slang term for concentrated marijuana that is made using ice water.
  • ISO oil: A slang term for concentrated marijuana that is made using isopropyl alcohol.
  • Kief: Part of the marijuana plant that produces a resin that is high in THC.
  • Knife hits: An older way to use dabs that involved heating two knives and using them to vaporize and direct the marijuana concentrates. 
  • Liquid gold: A slang term for concentrated marijuana, derived from the golden appearance of many concentrates.
  • Live resin: Marijuana concentrates that are made from plants that have not been dried or cured.
  • Nug: A term for the flower of the marijuana plant which has a high concentration of THC.
  • Nug run: Marijuana concentrates that are made from using only the flower of the marijuana plant.
  • Oil rig: Slang term for a dab rig, likely originated because dab is sometimes referred to as oil.
  • Pressed hash: A slang term for concentrated marijuana that is extracted mechanically.
  • Reclaim: Residue that is left over after dabbing, that is then reused.
  • Resin: Also called sap; refers to the resin of a marijuana plant, a part of the plant that is higher in THC.
  • Seasoning a nail: Refers to applying marijuana concentrates to a “nail,” part of the device used to dab.
  • Shatter: A common slang term for concentrated marijuana.
  • Quick wash ISO: Also called QWISO, this is a method of concentrating THC using isopropyl alcohol.
  • Vape oil: A slang term for concentrated marijuana that is used to vape.
  • Vapor rig: Slang term for a dab rig; a device used to inhale marijuana concentrates.
  • Vapor straw: Simple, one-piece glassware used to inhale marijuana concentrates.
  • Wax: A slang term for concentrated marijuana, derived from the waxy appearance certain types of concentrates have.


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