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Adam Banks

Recovery Begins With You

At Adam Banks Recovery, each recovery plan is designed around your needs and life.

Recovery from addiction, however, involves more than freeing people from the grip of the substance. It is also about healing what has been broken by the disease so that everyone affected by addiction can heal, recover, and move forward.

Recovery from addiction at Adam Banks Recovery also means healing those broken relationships. It means restoring the bonds of the people we rely on and who rely on us.

Addiction Counseling

It doesn’t matter how people suffering from addiction get help. The important thing is that they get the help they need. That is because addiction isn’t a disease we can tackle alone, and the person dealing with addiction is never the only one dealing with addiction.

At Adam Banks Recovery, we understand that addiction can be devastating, not only for the person struggling with addiction, but also for friends, employers, and family. That is why we focus on a recovery plan that works, and that works to help everyone hurt and impacted by the disease of addiction

Addiction Intervention Specialist

As addiction intervention specialists, we help get people on the right path and take the first steps. We offer the experience, understanding, and resources to help people successfully navigate the road to recovery, and we are here to help you take back control of your life.

Solutions for Addiction’s Problems

At Adam Banks Recovery, families in hopeless situations do complete turnarounds. There is one thing in common for all of these families; help starts with a phone call to us. We understand that it’s intimidating to talk to a stranger about a family issue. However, you will find great relief in asking for help.

It is always a family member or friend that makes the first call for their loved one. When you reach out to Adam Banks Recovery, we assess your situation and present the best available options. 

The family is in as much of a crisis as the person of concern battling addiction. Parents take on high levels of stress, spouses become sole providers, and intimate relationships break down. An intervention with Adam Banks Recovery is inclusive to everyone who is affected by the addiction and creates a plan to help everyone recover.

  • Adam Banks Recovery is highly specific in its approach to recovery. 
  • We define intervention as a concern about someone unwilling to consider help for their addiction and requires help from family or friends.
  • Recovery Coaching is provided for individuals concerned about their drug and alcohol use and are seeking help.
  • Family Recovery helps everyone heal together and teaches constructive ways to support the addicted person through weekly family meetings. 
  • Executive Intervention is necessary when employers witness addiction problems early and need to take action. Adam Banks Recovery can offer the employee a plan for recovery and long term support that considers their career needs. 
  • Recovery Management supports early recovery in a positive and multi-disciplinary way. It requires continuous monitoring and constructive support.   

At Adam Banks Recovery, we understand that there is a lot to learn. It may feel overwhelming while under such a stressful situation. We are here to help intervene with a loving approach.

Our website offers resources to help you learn about addiction and recovery.

We are changing the power dynamic addiction has over your family. We are offering help in a new and constructive way. It is a real opportunity to bring the family back together and help your loved one recover.

With Adam Banks Recovery, your family will achieve a new peace and a new happiness.